Howzit Howard - Tourism, Hawaiian Airlines, Borders, Bank of America

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Tourism Chief Mike McCartney says Hawaii tourism last year employed almost 153 thousand people this year, more than 159-thousand, an increase of more than six thousand.

Hawaiian Airlines wins renewal of its NFL charter service.  The Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders both hire Hawaiian to fly them to their away games.

Borders will close all of its more than 300 stores by the end of this week.  Price discounts have risen to as much as 90% at six Hawaii locations.

Shirokiya has something fun planned next weekend.  The anniversary of Kikaida, Sunday at 2pm the original Jiro, Ban Daisuke, will sign autographs.

Bank of America, confirming rumors, says it will cut 30 thousand jobs in 2 years - which suggests closure of hundreds of branches.