Howzit Howard - Hyatt, Hotel Occupancy, Home Sales

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Local 5 plans to strike for seven days, in concert with brother locals in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.  Hyatt has put managers and non-union employees in place to maintain service.  An interesting feature of the strike is that both sides blame management.  General Manager Jerry Westenhaver blames union management for the walkout.

Hotel occupancy - Big Island 53%, Maui 65%, Kauai 69%, Oahu 82% full.  Room rates up 7 - 9 % from last year.

In the last of the August home sales reports, Maui realtors report closing on 81 homes, up from 69 a year ago. For a median price of 410, down from 460, almost a third were on the central plan, most for under 400, while there was another cluster in Kihei for even lower prices - 86 condos sold on Maui for a median price of 266.

New Vice President and managing attorney at First Insurance, Leslie Kop had an earlier tenure with the company before becoming a partner in a private law firm eleven years ago.

United Continental reports August traffic fell 3%. United and Continental together lost 40 million in revenue from Hurricane Irene.