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"Remember by Doing" - MyGoodDeed

(HawaiiNewsNow) - In observance of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, Americans are asked to pledge to perform good deeds and other acts of service to create the single-largest expression of charitable service in U.S. history. The 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance is a national observance established to create a permanent and positive legacy in tribute to the 9/11 victims, survivors and those that rose in service in response to the attacks.September 11 is a powerful motivator for engagement: Recent research found that more than 60 percent of Americans today – and 84 percent of those between ages 21-35 – are ready to commemorate 9/11 through acts of charitable service or volunteerism.


Among the millions of Americans sharing their pledges are 30 actors, singers and sports figures, including Tim McGraw, Kevin Spacey, Jordan Sparks, Samuel L. Jackson, Mariska Hargitay, Hillary Duff, New York Yankees' first baseman Mark Teixeira and Cleveland Cavaliers' Baron Davis. Celebrity tributes at: www.magicbulletmedia.com/MNR/911day


Jay Winuk is the Co-Founder and Vice President of MyGoodDeed Inc.

Jay Winuk is co-founder and vice president/secretary of MyGoodDeed, the nonprofit group that led the campaign to establish 9/11 as an annually recognized National Day of Service and Remembrance. On September 11, Jay's brother Glenn was killed in the line of duty at The World Trade Center. Inspired by his brother's devotion to community service, Jay joined David Paine in 2003 as co-founder in helping to build the 9/11 Day Observance initiative, and has become a passionate advocate for volunteering and national service. He is also a recipient of the nation's highest civilian volunteer service recognition, The President's Call to Service Award.


David Paine is the Co-Founder and President of MyGoodDeed Inc.

David Paine is the co-founder and president of MyGoodDeed, the nonprofit group that annually organizes the 9/11 Day Observance and successfully led efforts to establish September as an annually recognized National Day of Service and Remembrance under federal law. Today David oversees the operations of MyGoodDeed and has been a principal architect of the development and growth of the 9/11 Day Observance over the past decade. He also serves part-time as a consultant to PainePR, a national public relations firm that he founded in 1986, which he sold to Cossette Communication Group in 2004. For his dedicated efforts to the 9/11 Day cause, President George W. Bush recognized David, and Jay, in 2008 with the nation's highest civilian volunteer service tribute, The President's Call to Service Award.


For more information, go to: www.911day.org or www.Facebook.com/911day

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