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Funnel cloud seen over central Oahu

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KUNIA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mother Nature put on a show late Wednesday afternoon over Central Oahu.

Weather conditions were right for a large funnel cloud to form over Kunia at around 5 p.m. The funnel was large enough to be seen from several parts of Oahu, including downtown. It also was visible to commuters heading home to Central and Leeward Oahu.


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Light winds and afternoon cloud buildup contributed to the funnel cloud's formation, along with the presence of an upper level trough that allowed clouds to build higher than usual. Similar weather conditions are expected tomorrow afternoon.

The weather phenomenon is relatively rare but is not unheard of in Hawaii. If a funnel cloud touches the ground, it becomes a tornado.

Hundreds snapped photos and videos of the funnel cloud before it dissipated.

If you spotted the funnel cloud you can upload your photo at, and we will have the latest on the weather conditions with Guy Hagi on Hawaii News Now. 

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