Howzit Howard - Home Sales

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The first August home sales reports are in, from Kauai and the Big Island.

Kauai saw 31 homes go to closing, same as last year, for a median of 445, down from 540 a year ago.  Also 26 condos went to closing, compared to 24 a year ago, for a median of 245, down 45 from 2010.

Hawaii information service reports 141 homes went to closing on the Big Island, up 10% from last year.

The islandwide median price was a 250 thousand dollars, down from 270 thousand a year ago.

More than half of all the sales were made from Hilo to Puna.

Puna prices were down 28% from last year but Hilo prices actually rose a third.

Almost 50 home sales were in the Kona-to-Kohala area, where prices are down from last year but still roughly 70 grand more than prices on the Hilo side.

54 Big Island condos went to closing in August, up 20% from 45 a year ago.

Almost all of them were in Kona, where prices rose to almost even with houses, or Kohala, where they fell 80 thousand from last year to about the same prices as condos down in Kona.