Howzit Howard - Airlines, Council on Revenues, Honolulu Modern

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Alaska announced more flights from Oakland and San Jose to Kauai and Kona.  Hawaiian is doing the same thing to Maui. A few days ago it announced resumption in January of year-round service from Oakland to Kahului, and now it says it will also fly from San Jose to Maui, also starting in January.

The FAA approves a quarter million dollars to move drainage pathways at Lihue airport.  2.3 million for runway improvements at Kona, and 3 million for Honolulu Airport Improvements.

The Council on Revenues revised its state tax revenue forecast to almost a third more than what it said before - partly higher taxes, partly the end to the late refund drag, but partly some economic rebounding.

The first bankruptcy hearing is today in the case of the Honolulu Modern.  Until recently the Waikiki Edition, the bankruptcy filing locked in the new management contractor, Aqua Hotels, after the owners fired Marriott.

First Hawaiian launches banking on mobile devices.  Authentication is the same as for the FHB website.  No personal banking data is stored on the actual device.