Howzit Howard - Airline Report

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The number two Korean Airline Asiana launches Seoul to Honolulu service later this month, joining Korean Air and Hawaiian in the corridor.  Japanese charter carrier Sun Plus plans 21 charters to Hawaii from Hiroshima, Sendai and Kumamoto starting in November and Delta announces seasonal service here from Fukuoka.  Visitor traffic sometimes jumps a lot when new service originates in a city that doesn't usually have direct connections.

Vegas-based Allegiant, a discount airline serving secondary markets in the west, tells the SEC it will lease six boeing 757-200's and in the midst of getting etops-certified for long flights over water.  Alaska Airlines beat Allegiant to the punch with Hawaii service from Bellingham, Washington, but Allegiant is now expected to fly here from somewhere late next year.

Japan airlines flew 79% full to Hawaii and the West coast in July. Down from last year but best performance on its entire route network.

The First Hawaiian foundation gives 100 thousand to Hospice of Hilo.

Hawaiian airlines agrees to be transportation carrier for PBS Hawaii's Student News Network.

The tropical fruit conference is this week.  Four islands in four days, starting Friday on the Big Island.