Parents of teen killed in hit & run crash want driver to turn himself in

Micah Borengasser
Micah Borengasser
Warren Borengasser
Warren Borengasser

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - The young man who died after being run over by an SUV in Enchanted Lake over the weekend has been identified as Micah Borengasser, 19, of Kailua.

The driver fled the scene and remains at large.

"I don't want to say I hope the police get him first, but the police better get him first because my heart is broken," Warren Borengasser, crash victim's father, said.

Warren and Elsie Borengasser say their son had a big heart, had many friends, and was always helping others. They believe his efforts to protect a female friend triggered the deadly dispute.

Family members say Micah Borengasser loved to ride horses, go fishing and cook. He was a student at Kapiolani Community College and worked as a custodian in Hawaii Kai. His dream was to become a firefighter.

"He's just an awesome, awesome kid at 19 years old who didn't deserve to die," Warren Borengasser said.

Police say the teen had approached a 33-year-old man in an SUV on Keolu Drive Saturday and began attacking him through the open window. His female friend was in the vehicle.

"My son will not start anything," Warren Borengasser said. "He was a protector. I mean, he would protect anybody. He was there trying to protect his friend."

Warren Borengasser did not want to elaborate.

Investigators say the older man had started driving away to escape the beating, when Micah fell to the ground and was run over. The driver fled the scene.

Police on Sunday recovered the SUV that they believe was involved in the crash.

"For him to treat my son like a piece of rubbish," Warren Borengasser said. "Words right now can not express what I'm feeling right now about this driver."

"I need to close this book with Micah," Elsie Borengasser, crash victim's mother, said. "I think that's the only way to close it is to find this person."

Warren Borengasser's final words to his son now haunt him.

"I told him that if I was to ever lose him, I would not know what to do," he said.

"I miss his smile," Elsie Borengasser said. "I miss his laugh. I miss his stories."

They say Micah has managed to help people even in death. He was an organ donor.

"To whoever receives his organs, I hope you use the best of it because that's from my son who we really loved and he cared for everyone," Warren Borengasser said.

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