I don't often see two bad movies in a row, but it happened this week.

Unless you want to waste time and money, avoid OUR IDIOT BROTHER," an unfunny comedy with a cluttered, very messy script.

The other one to skip is AMIGO, an overly long, heavy handed historical drama about American imperialism in the Philippines at the end of the 19th century.
AMIGO presents some true and shameful history about how America wound up making war on the Filipino nation.

The film is directed by one of my heroes, John Sayles, a true low budget independent filmmaker with 17 films to his credit.

But unfortunately, AMIGO is long, confusing, and full of stereotyped characters. Plus, its ending is downright exasperating.

The well intentioned AMIGO is educational, but good intentions don't translate into a good movie in this case. The film's only real attraction for me was the fine performance of Joel Torre as a village leader torn between the Americans and his countrymen, the rebels.
The mere title, OUR IDIOT BROTHER should have clued me in to the fact that I was going to see a stupid movie. (In the very first scene the title character sells pot to a uniformed police officer.)

I went because of the actors, especially the likable Paul Rudd who does what he can as a well meaning idiot who screws up his own life and the lives of all three of his sisters.
The problem is that the cluttered, messy script is only funny here and there.

Overall, this flat, uninspired comedy is a waste of the fine talents of all the actors including Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, and Zooey Deschanel.