WWII 66th anniversary held at Pearl Harbor

PEARL HARBOR (HawaiiNewsNow) - Visitors gathered at the Battleship Missouri Memorial Friday morning to reflect on a fateful day that happened 66 years ago.

It was a ceremony to mark the historic surrender that ended the war in the Pacific.

Visitors crowded onto the deck in the shadow of the Mighty Mo's main guns.

Among those in the crowd were aging World War II veterans who remember the fierce fighting leading up to the historic event on the ship in Tokyo Bay.

A plaque marks the site where Gen. Douglas MacArthur and representatives from 10 countries met to accept Japan's formal unconditional surrender.

Sixty-six years after the surrender, people paused to reflect on the achievements of the group dubbed the greatest generation.

Now, a new generation of military members proudly follows in their footsteps.

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