Aloha Festivals 2011 Royal Court Investiture

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Thursday the Ali'i – king, queen, prince and princess – take their place in the royal court. Court members will receive the royal cloak, helmet, head feather lei and other symbols of their reign. Traditional chant and hula kâhiko will highlight the event.

Aloha Festivals Opening Ceremony, 5:00 p.m., Royal Hawaiian Center, Royal Grove – Traditional chant and hula mark the official beginning of the Aloha Festivals events. The Aloha Festivals Royal Court will be introduced on the grounds of Royal Hawaiian Center's Royal Grove.

Members of this year's Royal Court will officially take their place and be adorned with traditional symbols of their respective titles in the annual Aloha Festivals Royal Court Investiture on the grounds of Hilton Hawaiian Village. This event will include traditional chants, hula kâhiko and the pageantry and regalia associated with Hawaiian royalty. The Opening Ceremony will follow at the Royal Hawaiian Center Royal Grove to officially mark the beginning of this year's Aloha Festivals celebration, which runs throughout September. Participating entertainers include Hâlau o ke ʻAʻaliʻi Kû Makani, the Royal Hawaiian Band, Nâpua Makua, and Manu Boyd. Admission is free to both events.

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