Howzit Howard - AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile, APEC, PBS

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The Justice Antitrust division does not consent to AT&T buying T-mobile unless AT&T goes to court and gets this reversed.  The deal is off and T-mobile will get billions of dollars under an exit clause.  The biggest US wireless provider is Verizon.  AT&t is second, Sprint-Nextel is third, and T-mobile is fourth.

The APEC Hawaii host committee has 5 local companies to showcase for innovation at the summit .  Skai Ventures is a venture accelerator that helped bankroll the local firm that makes Decon gel for radiation exposure, and Tru-tag, which makes optical tags smaller than a granule of sugar. Others showcased at APEC will be HNU Energy, Trex Enterprises, Sopogy and Big Island Carbon.

The Hawaii Community Foundation is inviting a second round of applications for grants to nonprofits that have innovative approaches for achieving widespread social change.  To start the process, nonprofits should visit Island Innovation website.

PBS Hawaii is halfway to its goal to build new studios on Sand Island Road after getting five million dollars from the Clarence T. Ching Foundation.