Let the games...and the tailgating begin

The players and owners have finally come to an agreement, and now, football fans can get ready to enjoy the best part of the season…tailgating! This season, analyst and grilling enthusiast Mike Golic isn't just predicting on-the-field outcomes, he's giving fans tips on how to make the most of game-day tailgating strategies. Golic is huddling with champion pitmaster Chris Lilly to create winning game-day plays.

Tailgater Bill of Rights

1.         Stadium parking lots shall be open for all tailgaters at least 24 hours before kick-off

2.         Anyone with a passion for football or grilling shall be allowed to tailgate in the stadium parking lot, not just fans with tickets to the game.

3.         Fans can always bring their own grills to the stadium, preferably ones that use charcoal. Gas is for cars, not food!

4.         Each tailgate spot should be allowed to have a table and tent as long as you bring enough grub to share with neighbors.

5.            Tailgating tunes can (and should!) be played. Turn up the music and fire up the grill!

6.            Tailgaters shall be allowed to bring a cooler of food and cold beverages to the parking lot to enjoy before heading into the stadium.