Howzit Howard - Irene's effect on Airlines, China Trade, and More

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Airline analysts think the industry will lose up to 300 million in profits from the storm. It's a combination of lost business and special costs. The airlines saved fuel when a flight didn't go, but rerouting offset some of that.  Airlines canceled 14 thousand flights, including a handful this morning, and that's not counting all the delays and reroutes.

Hawaii was affected more than you might guess. While Jetblue and Southwest were hard hit, the storm also affected airlines serving Hawaii.  US Airways took a really hard hit and could lose 20% of its annual profit.  Hundreds of Hawaii vacationers got here late or were late getting home. Local hotels accommodated as best they could.  Aqua Hotels offered 15% discounts for people extending their stays and waived cancellation fees for people who decided not to come here at all.