Hawaii: The State of Clean Energy Tonight

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Sharon Moriwaki is from Hawaii Clean Energy and James Koshiba is from Kanu Hawaii.  They're hear to talk about energy efficiency and conservation.

Tonight's show is focused on energy efficiency and conservation. The best watt is a negawatt.   We're not interviewing politicians, policy folks or renewable energy experts.  We spoke with regular people who have changed their behavior and awareness.  That's what it's going to take even if we do achieve the goals of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative.  60% of our power will still come from fossil fuel.  So we're still stuck with the price of oil in the year 2030.  That's why conservation is so important.

James Koshiba, Exec Director for Kanu Hawaii will talk about the Kanu Energy Challenge.  People were given 4 specific challenges and we interviewed several of them to find out how they did and if they can sustain the changes they made.


Other segments include a special session with the team who really made the BIA House -- The Hawaii Home of the Future -- a reality.  We interviewed those people along with Daniel and Lori Ambrosewicz who are the homeowners living in the 22nd Ave home now with their 2 small children.   This was shot with 3 cameras so it's more like a conversation than interview.  Quite interesting.

And we're going to show people how they can monitor how much power all their appliances and  gadgets are using and the devices they can get to help keep all that energy use under control.