Local Connection: Answers from Lone Star State?

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A conservative commentator once complained of people who pretend complicated things are simple. James J. Kilpatrick said such people have bumper stickers for brains.

A Presidential campaign is arising, so we can expect many bumper stickers to come. Here's one of the first oversimplifications - three words: the Texas miracle. I don't mean to slam Texas Governor Rick Perry - for all I know he's just the guy we've waiting for.

But in some respects the Texas miracle is the Texas debacle. Texas ties with Mississippi for most percentage of workers making minimum wage. It has the fourth highest poverty of any state. It leads the nation in adults without high school diplomas. It leads the nation in children with no medical insurance, and 26% of *all* Texans have no medical.

Texas doesn't regulate medical insurance so premiums are high. Hawaii requires most employers to offer medical, spreading out medical costs. I don't know how to fit this on a bumper sticker, but don't automatically assume some other state, even one as fine as Texas, has all the answers.

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