Lei Chic: Fried and Gone to Heaven

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Sometimes you're really sweet. Other times, you're just a little salty. When that mood swing strikes a local company has got your snack.

Lei Chic's Senior Editor Christi Young takes us inside the kitchen of Pork Grinds Hawaii where she and Steve showed why the tasty bites made Lei Chic's Father's Day gift guide.

The fledgling business was born less than a year ago when then co-workers at a title company Joie Yuen and Darrin Muramoto started talking about one of their favorite munchies. They were disappointed in the grey, hard bits they found in bags from the mainland. Then they spotted a Food Network program featuring a truck that fried the crispy treats fresh, and Pork Grinds Hawaii was born.

The duo started by flavoring their rinds with furikake. But soon creating new versions became a flavorite part of the job (their friends and family were thrilled with their new taste testing roles.) Now the Aiea-based company churns out 11 custom flavors ranging from char siu and teriyaki to a mouth-puckering salt and vinegar and a sweat-inducing, blazing lava bbq.

Pork Grinds keeps things fresh by only frying up batches less than a week before they go on the shelves.

Pork Grinds are $4. At this weekend's Made in Hawaii Festival you can grab four bags for $10.

You can order your own bag (or 11) now from Pork Grinds Hawaii's Web site. You can also find it at K-mart, The Navy Exchange, Tamura's and other spots across Oahu.

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