Back to School: Avoid the Freshman 15

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - When you're living in a college dorm, life can get hectic. With a busy schedule, students often find it hard to eat healthy. Danielle McCauley, a registered dietitian, shares a few key tips to avoid gaining the "Freshman 15."

1. Eat smart in the dining hall

  • Consuming pizza and hamburgers can become a typical meal, as well as various other high calorie and high fat options. It important to include a vegetable and a fruit to balance the meal to keep it lower in calories. So make sure to utilize the salad bar.
  • Try to eat your entire meal on a salad plate to avoid overfilling your large plate.
  • If you go for the dessert bar it's important to consider the portion size. If you can fit it in a pudding cup, it is probably okay to eat.

 2. Grab a few items on your way out to save time and cash later

  • Fruit can easily be lugged around in your backpack.
  • Snag a few peanut butter packets which can be used to as a dip for fruits, veggies, and crackers.
  • Grab boxed cereals and keep them in your dorm room for the days you miss dining hall hours.
  • Trail mix, string cheese, yogurt, dried fruit and milk containers can also be nutrient packed foods that can be found in the dining hall and saved for later.

3. Stay hydrated – it will keep you feeling energized, alert and full

  • Water is best and FREE. Keep a reusable container with you to take advantage of the drinking fountains throughout campus.
  • Any beverage can keep you well hydrated, but it is smart to keep your drinks calorie free. Many of our favorite beverage brands have low calorie or calorie free options.
  • Alcohol can also be a huge contributor to excessive calorie intake. As a basic rule of thumb, every alcoholic beverage can contain 100-200 calories. So by consuming just 1 drink a day (7 per week), you can gain over one pound per month on alcohol alone.

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