Concert beating victim's angry over lack of answers

Shirley Ann Lessary
Shirley Ann Lessary
Kela Miller
Kela Miller

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Four days after several chaotic fights at Aloha Tower we're hearing from the families of some of the victims. Relatives frustrated by the lack of answers from anyone in charge.  The video is so disturbing it's been yanked from YouTube.

The victims say the attackers were from Waianae and started punching people and they claim the security and sheriff's deputies didn't stop it.

"I went in my room and got my bible and started praying," said Shirley Ann Lessary, victim's grandmother.

That was her reaction early Friday morning when she got word that two of her grandsons were hospitalized after getting mobbed after the Tarrus Riley reggae concert.  Her 20 year old grandson was knocked unconscious.  Her 18 year old grandson had already been knocked out a moment earlier.

"I'd like to know who these people was, who hit my grandsons?" said Lessary.

The victims didn't want to be seen but say their friend was also knocked out when he tried to help and they say he is still hospitalized.

"He didn't deserve this. He went to help my grandchildren and now where he stay? He's in the hospital in a coma. He don't belong there. So these people who did this to our children why?" asked Lessary, fighting back tears.

The victims claim there was plenty of security, sheriff's deputies and Honolulu police officers at the concert but they didn't step in to help until reinforcements arrived.

We also continued trying to reach The Waterfront where the concert was held, Aloha Tower management and the promoter Hawaii's Finest, but none of them returned calls or made a comment.

"I think it's because they know that it happened and I think they know it went out of hand," said Kela Miller, victim's grandmother.

The victims' families want to know what's being done to prevent violence at future concerts.

"What guarantee do we have that our youth, our youth adults when they go there are safe?" said Miller.

"Why should they go to a concert and pay big money to get lickins and possibly to die," said Lessary.

Honolulu Police had very little information.  They confirm three men were arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and say they are still investigating.

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