Chatting with Billy V - August 12, 2011

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Simon Cowell confesses he would have kicked Lady Gaga off the American Idol stage if she'd auditioned for the talent show before becoming a superstar. Simon admits he would not have appreciated Gaga if she had showed up in one of her crazy costumes. He tells Life & Style magazine, "She would have been thrown out within 10 seconds... It would have been one of the kooky auditions."

Lourdes Leon, Madonna's daughter, has not only launched a fashion collection at the age of 13, but now, at 14, she has her first beauty products line. The body lotions, body washes, mists, lip glosses and nail polishes, are available at Macy's and sold for $7 to $12. * I can just hear Madonna saying, "Hey, Lady Gaga, copy this!"

Ben Stiller cares so much about education that he's willing to let people see Jennifer Aniston naked. Well, kind of. In a new video for his Ben Stiller Foundation, the actor pitches a number of other, more creative names for the education-focused charity, most of which fall flat. So, he decided to "enlist" his good friend Aniston into the project -- without her knowledge.