Aloha Stadium Face Lift

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - New seats, new roof, new turf.  It's the most recent face lift for the Aloha Stadium which, for the first time, is also sporting a title sponsor: Hawaiian Airlines.

"It's taken three years in terms of some of the CIP projects that we've handled.  The roof was in it's final phase and it's taken us three years to complete, so we're happy about that." said Stadium Manager Scott Chan.

Aesthetically, the stadium upgraded three quarters of its Orange level seating.  However, it was safety that was at the top of the 'to-do' list, with the addition of hand rails, improved drainage systems and reinforced scaffolding.

The importance, not lost on Chan.  "That was our priority.  We wanted to make sure that if we had the money appropriated for some of our projects that we take care of the safety issues."

Stadium officials say the price tag so far is about 70 million dollars, and still climbing.

Added Leiutenant Governor Brian Schatz, "We're looking at several other projects that need to be carried out.  That'll take us another 3-4 years. But again, that goes back to the legislature supporting our move forward."

"Obviously the stadium is not a brand new facility, so there will be some ongoing needs. I think the governor is committed to ensuring that we have a great stadium. I think over the long run we're going to have to decide where that stadium is and how it's configured."

The stadium Authority has received an additional 5.1 million dollars which will help maintain the electrical and plumbing.

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