Big Sister of the Year: Margaret & "Little" Victoria

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu has been matching kids with mentors for nearly fifty years. Malika Dudley recently visited with "Big Sister of the Year" Margaret Malone and her "little" Victoria.

Margaret has been 14-year-old Victoria's "Big Sister" for five years now. The two agree it's a perfect match. "I will say it's almost magical or providencial how well they do the matches, victoria is really a perfect fit for me," said Margaret. Victoria agrees, "Funny thing is we can really relate to each other. I probably tell her more stuff than I tell anybody else so that's how yeah close we are," she said.

Through their friendship, Victoria went to her first play, they try new foods and have started exercising. Margaret said, "She's willing to try stuff, like one of our favorite sayings is this is the first time I've tried this." Another first? Writing a love poem for Margaret's wedding. Victoria started writing as a venue for her feelings, it was cathartic, but she's actually pretty good at it. "I said have you written a poem about love and she said not from my own experience, but she said yes I'll write you a poem, those are the kind of things that just crack me up."

This aspiring writer and journalist also wrote and presented a poem to Margaret when she was named "Big Sister of the Year." Victoria said,"Describing her as a guardian angel, she's always watching over everybody she's with, she touches people's heart."

Victoria attributes her newfound confidence and sense of self to Margaret and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu. She said, "Before I was someone that was shy and I couldn't like right now I couldn't speak in front of people or I was afraid to try new things but Margaret she's broadened my horizons, she's helped me grow to be the person I am today."

Like so many other "Littles" in the program, that person is someone who gets better grades, has better communication with her family and friends and a person who cares and wants to give back. When asked if she would ever consider becoming a big herself...

"Yes, I hope so, once I turn 18 I'm applying!"

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