Local Connection: Debt Debate in America

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The impact of the uncertainty and high anxiety most of us have been feeling over the last several months came to a head this past weekend as the White House, Senate and Congress worked around the clock to structure a deal involving our debt crisis.

The critical objective was to strike a deal that would allow each of the stakeholders to come to a compromise they could all accept, which would prevent America from defaulting to our major global creditors as well as the citizens of America.

By all accounts, this has been far too long in the making and for want of a better word – very messy. It is also difficult and wearisome listening to all of the politicians and political pundits speculating about who is happy with the deal and who is not, and for that matter what could still go wrong.

This is an unprecedented event in our country's history and it has been more than unsettling to witness our highest elected officials governing in a state of crisis.

One has to ask, "was this political brinkmanshp at its worst or best"? Given all that is at stake for America in both the short- and long term – our fragile economy wearing heavily in the hearts and minds of the American people.

It was said throughout this past weekend that this deal would not end the crisis, but rather a new era is beginning in America. A new era in which Americans will have to adjust to a new and different economic reality -- and the politicians and lawmakers who we put in office will have to explain and convince voters that the lack of political will and leadership we have witnessed in forging this bi-partisan compromise was somehow democracy at work!

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