Heads Up On Kalakaua!

Tonight at 10, Waikiki's main drag has some unusual oncoming traffic: mothers with baby strollers, grandmas and tourist couples scurrying to find the closest sidewalk.  See the shocking video for yourself, at ten.

Also new at 10, the Big Island doctor who almost died in the crash involving Colt Brennan last year is almost ready to come home.  We'll update the recovery of Dr. Theresa Wang.

There's also a new lawsuit on behalf of Hawaii inmates locked up at an Arizona jail.  It all stems from a prison riot last July.

A strange role reversal tonight: we have stories about horses that attack, and a shark that doesn't.

And my favorite story: the 'Patriots' team owner who says Washington could learn a lesson from the new NFL deal.  Really?

Hope to see you at 10!