Maui Horse Encounter

MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Michael Gingerich's you tube video starts out calm enough, but things get tense quickly when the horses go after his dog copper.

Gingerich says the two wild horses even turned their sites on him and a friend as they hiked thru the field on their way to Heiau on Waihee ridge.

"…kind of disbelief. I mean I've been thru like fields before, with wild animals, cows and horses and never had anything charge at me before and when you see something that big chargin at you, you're just like oh, man, gotta get some kind of cover, gotta make some noise," says Michael Gingerich.

It was a close call for copper who came just inches away from the powerful hoove.

"He was ya know out of breadth but I checked him afterwards to see if he got hit afterwards but I guess he was quick enough to dodge everything. So a few of those were pretty close, when I slow down the video, you can see how close he was to getting his head kicked in."

Michael says they ran through a gate, and scrambled through another field to get away. He says the horses also started to get aggressive with another pair of hikers that came through later and even tried to bite the woman's hair.

"When we were back there the horses stayed back by the fence until, we actually left, we had to take a different route around them, a different field. And the horses followed us the whole way back. So um, they definitely knew that we were there and they didn't want us there so. Probably won't take the dog and probably take a different route to that place, that's for sure," says Gingerich.

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