Owner of Pearl City cemetery apologizes, promises renovation

Dozinn Lupeasoliai
Dozinn Lupeasoliai

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

PEARL CITY (HawaiiNewsNow) - The owner and president of Sunset Memorial Park in Pearl City said Monday he is sorry the cemetery's mausoleum is falling apart, but he promises to renovate and transform the property into a place people can be proud of.

Concrete and rebar have been falling from the mausoleum ceiling. Cemetery owner Lago Dozinn Lupeasoliai was worried someone might get by falling debris, so he taped off the entrance to the mausoleum hoping to keep people out. That angered people who have loved ones interred in crypts at the mausoleum. They said they were not able to visit their deceased relatives without putting themselves at risk.

Dozinn Lupeasoliai showed Hawaii News Now blue prints for a new roof and ceiling. He said he has been told the work will cost about $200,000, but there are just $156,000 in the cemetery's perpetual care fund; not enough to pay for the new roof and ceiling.

Dozinn Lupeasoliai said he is looking for a new more affordable design and pledges to begin the necessary work by the end of the year.

He apologized to people who have loved ones interred in crypts at the mausoleum. He said he can sympathize because his own father and brother are interred at the cemetery.

"A lot of my family is over here, but that's not the point. The point is your loved ones are buried here. This is the place you trusted. This is the place when the pastor asked god ... final resting place ... here," Dozinn Lupeasoliai said.

He vows to transform the mausoleum and cemetery into a safe and pleasant place to visit. "I will do that. So I do care," Dozinn Lupeasoliai added.

Dozinn Lupeasoliai said Monday the City and County of Honolulu ordered him to put a fence around the mausoleum to keep people safe by keeping them out. He said he is reluctant to build a fence because it will prevent people from visiting loved ones, but said he may be forced to erect a fence until repairs to the roof and ceiling can be made.

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