Howzit Howard - Alaska and Hawaiian $149.00 Fares

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) - American Airlines executive and board members met late into the night before finalizing a decision to no longer buy all its planes from Boeing.  American is ordering 200 jets from Boeing but 260 jets from Airbus.  More than 30 billion dollars worth of jetliners.  Airbus has aggressively developed fuel-efficient jets while Boeing has dragged its feet.  American this morning has also posted a 286 million dollar spring quarter loss, worse than Wall Street expected, and caused mostly by the fuel bills, so this all ties together.  American recently announced in September it will stop it's one daily flight here from San Francisco.

Fare war to San Diego.  Alaska Airlines offers $149.00 on its new Honolulu to San Diego flights starting in Mid-November and now Hawaiian offers a $142.00 fare for travel in any part of November. Both good through December 15th.  Hawaiian and Alaska also compete from San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle.

Continental Airlines sued nine pilots claiming they got sham divorces so their ex-spouses could claim lump-sum pension money.  They then remarried.  That may be, but a federal appeals court says it's not the place of the airline to say whether a divorce is really or not.  Continental is reviewing whether to take it any further.