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High profile suspect heads to Hawaii

David Perry David Perry
Kelly Rothwell Kelly Rothwell

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A high profile suspect is on his way to the islands Wednesday for a vacation. The Florida man is suspected in the disappearance of his former girlfriend. An investigative reporter, Leigh Clifton, told Hawaii News Now that a court order allowed David Perry to leave the East Coast for Hawaii Wednesday afternoon.

According to reports in Florida and New York, he's allowed to stay here for a month, as long as he's checking in with his attorney. This is big news to the family of Kelly Rothwell, Perry's ex-girlfriend.

The Saint Petersburg police cadet has been missing since March 12th. Friends say that's the day she was planning to break off her relationship with David Perry. He has reportedly refused to cooperate with police since the incident, but has not been arrested for that. He is, however, facing charges in an unrelated fraud case in New York, and put up his house as collateral. Clifton believes Perry may try to stay here, even if it means losing his house.

Clifton explained, "He's not stupid. He's deviously smart. He's evil smart. Somehow or another this guy has always slinked away and never really gotten charged with anything. Really sleazy, really manipulative, controlling, abusive."

Perry is allowed in Hawaii from when he lands, until August 15th to visit his girlfriend, who's an Army Medical Specialist stationed in Honolulu. According to reports, Perry must stay in touch with his attorney since he has just 48 hours to show up should a court request his appearance.

Calls to the New York judge, who allowed Perry to travel to Hawaii, have not been returned.

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