Pet poo pick-up, a dirty but perhaps profitable business

Ali Mathews-Bacon
Ali Mathews-Bacon
Lynley Steele
Lynley Steele

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's a dirty job but somebody has got to do it. And a Kailua woman is more than happy to help.

Ali Mathews-Bacon has started a brand new business called Got Poo?. She will send someone to your home and pick up after your pooch.

"I think there is a lot of poo out there. The American Dog Magazine states there are 40-million tons of dog poo every year," Mathews-Bacon told Hawaii News Now.

Most of us just follow Fido around with plastic bags, but Mathews-Bacon knows it is a task we would rather not do. So after reading about successful companies on the mainland that offer pet waste removal she started Got Poo?.

"The common reaction is, 'Awesome. What a great idea. That is so cool.' So, 'Poo Princess' I am," Mathews-Bacon said.

The fee and frequency of pick-ups are flexible, but, for example, for $19 Got Poo? will send someone to your house twice a week to scoop your pup's poo. The twice a week service costs $22-bucks if you have two dogs and $25 if you have three dogs.

Got Poo? has only been around a few weeks. Lynley Steele and her bulldog Hapa are among the company's first customers.

"For me it was about convenience. Very busy work schedule," Steele said.

"You hardly even know that they've been there except you go out and the yard is clean. I don't need to worry about it if I'm entertaining or have people over," Steele added.

Got Poo? may be a backyard business, but Mathews-Bacon is thinking big. She has already sent glossy fliers to homes in select neighborhoods around Oahu and launched a web site,

"I think it's got amazing potential. A lot of people are busy. Nobody likes to pick up dog poo. We do some cat poo too. We empty kitty litter boxes," Mathews-Bacon said.

Similar businesses have proven to be profitable on the mainland. Mathews-Bacon is not the only entrepreneur to notice. There are at least two other companies on Oahu, one in the Kapolei area and one in Aiea, that will scoop your poop for a fee.

"I think that it's a business that everybody would say, 'Yes, I don't have to pick up my own dog poo ever again,'"

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