Howzit Howard - Homes sales, Meth Use, Navy Contracts

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) - 9.2%. That's the new national unemployment rate. It rose in June because job cuts offset all but 18,000 of the new jobs being created.  There were 39,000 job cuts by governments, a byproduct of deficit reduction.

We won't know the Hawaii jobless rate from June for a week or two, but what we do have is more recent data.  Last week's jobless claims,  rose back to 15,000 claims, of which about 2,000 per week are new ones.  Total claims fell slightly on Molokai and Kauai.  New claims fell only in the Hilo office.

Diagnostic laboratory services do thousands of drug tests per month, and reports cumulative results four times a year. The spring results show crystal meth positives down from more than one percent to less than half a percent.  Cocaine positives are even lower at 3.2% tested positive for marijuana.

We wrap up the June home sales reports with Oahu. 248 homes and 354 condos went to closing, both down almost a fifth from June of last year.  The median home price was down 20,000 but still above 560.  The condo median was about the same, a little above 300,000.

The Navy awards 119 million dollars in missile work to Boeing.  Most of the work is for allied nations including Japan, Korea, Australia, Taiwan and Singapore.