"It's a Bad Situation"

Tonight at 10, just 21 years old, Jonathan Easterling says "I'm sitting here with this tube coming out of my ribs. It's a bad situation for me."  Tonight at 10, we find out how the Kailua man ended up hospitalized after a night out in Waikiki.

Also at 10, lots of good pupus but no obvious alcohol at the Kaneohe sandbar.  Key word: obvious.

We have new information about a Hawaii doctor detained during a protest in Greece.

Want to see who's suspected of two attempted murders in Mililani?  We have the shot as he turns himself into police.

An Oregon family who's sailboat broke down gets a friendly lift to Hawaii.

Speaking of sailing, the Transpac race from California to Hawaii started this morning.  Our new sports guy has some action shots.  (He's doing great, by the way, isn't he?)

And Joey Chestnut rules Coney Island, but don't count out Takeru Kobayashi.  High drama at the hot dog eating championships... tonight at 10.

Hope to see you then!