Chatting with Billy V - July 1, 2001

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Myers attempted to commit suicide. The troubled 33 yr old star, was taken to a London hospital after he reportedly took pills at his home. Myers, who plays Henry VIII in the popular show, was found slumped on his Central London property on Tuesday evening. The actor was discharged from hospital during the early hours of Wednesday morning but would not speak with reporters.

A source says Kate's Middleton is barely eating. The source claims Kate "is having boiled eggs for breakfast, blueberries for lunch and then just soup for dinner. Often she works out for two hours a day, sometimes more." "William doesn't know what to do. His mother, Diana, suffered from bulimia, so he's trying to be supportive of Kate. He doesn't want to stress her out or upset her by saying she looks too thin, so he tells her she's beautiful and how proud he is of her."

Lots of 4th of July fireworks celebrations all over town. Join Billy at the Aloha Tower on 8:45am on July 3rd with official music broadcast on Hawaiian 105 KINE. On July 4th Bruddah Wade and Randy Hudnall and Skylark is in Hawaii Kai with the official music on Hawaiian 105 KINE at 8:00pm, Kailua Fireworks is at 8:00pm.