INTERVIEW: Labor Attorney and arbitrator Michael Nauyokas

Michael Nauyokas
Michael Nauyokas

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state plans to unilaterally impose a new labor contract on the nearly 13,000 Hawaii public school teachers.

In a first of its kind public-sector labor tactic in Hawaii, the state will implement its last, best and final offer with the Hawaii State Teacher's Association.

The HSTA contract with the state expires Thursday.

The state's last offer, which has been rejected by the union, amounts to a five-percent pay cut and furloughs for each of the next two years.

Under the forced deal, teachers would also pay an additional 10 percent of their health insurance premiums, up from 40 percent.

Labor attorney and arbitrator Michael Nauyokas joins Shawn Ching in studio.

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