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Google mapping UH campuses statewide

Billie Lueder Billie Lueder
Google uses this bicycle to capture images for its street view. Google uses this bicycle to capture images for its street view.
Google maps vehicle. Google maps vehicle.

By Taizo Braden

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The University of Hawaii school system has teamed up with Google to create detailed, interactive street-view maps of all its campuses.

Almost all of Hawaii's roads have Google street view, but now with a special bicycle mounting high-tech cameras, Google maps have the ability to go where cars cannot.

"One of the hardest parts is getting to know the campus and the layout and just where it is located," Honolulu Community College Student Ryan Averderada said. "Now with the Google truck here, going around taking pictures, people can really see how awesome the campus is."

After all the video is shot, Google then builds a 3-D model of the campus to overlay the pictures.

Starting next school year students can use there iPad or smart phone to not only find there way around campus, but find where their class is.

Much of it does depend on the weather. The high-tech mapping array does not work well in the rain and the local schools want to put their best picture out there for people to see around the world.

"Hopefully we will be reaching out a different segment of students that might want to come to Hawaii," said Billie Lueder, of HCC. "Them seeing, hopefully, blue skies when they watch the virtual tour of the campus, but hopefully that will generate some interest of people coming to Hawaii."

Google will visit all of the UH campuses including the neighbor islands over the next few weeks.

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