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Rogue ram is killed by owner

The ram named Rambo The ram named Rambo
Kelli Miyahira and her dog named "Hero" Kelli Miyahira and her dog named "Hero"
Jonelle Tsunezumi Jonelle Tsunezumi
Rambo Rambo

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

AIEA (HawaiiNewsNow) - The wandering ram with big horns on its head was spotted in the Royal Summit neighborhood in Aiea and we were able to track it back across the ridge to its owner in Newtown.  We can say with certainty there will not be anymore sightings of the animal.

Rambo was a four year old mixed breed sheep.  His owner says they got him from another rancher on Oahu and raised him as a pet since birth.  A few weeks ago the son was feeding Rambo but left the pen open.  The ram ran off.  That's when it was spotted the Ka'ahele Park and in backyards at Royal Summit.

"I let Hero (her dog) outside and all of the sudden he ran into the house and he was right by the door looking outside like he saw something and I said, oh Hero what did you see? And there was a huge ram in my yard. So I closed the door, grabbed my camera and took some snapshots," said Kelli Miyahira, who saw the ram in her yard.  "I was freaked out because Hero was freaked out too. I've never anything like it. I didn't know we had that ram in Hawaii."

Neighbors had a similar experience.

"My mom was doing dishes at the kitchen sink and she saw a head walk by and she did a double take," said Jonelle Tsunezumi, who also spotted the ram in her yard.

Double take because it was a head with horns.

"I saw out this window the ram was standing on the putting green, and he stood there for a little while and then he hopped over to the backyard and was running around a little bit and he hopped over the hedge," said Tsunezumi. "I was kind of shocked because you don't see that every day. You don't wake up out of bed and see a ram."

The owner says when Rambo got loose he called authorities to alert them.  He says he didn't know he was not supposed to have an animal like that in a residential area. 

Two days later he found it on his own, but later the State Department of Agriculture showed up to confiscate Rambo.  They had talked about the possibility of finding it another home.  The owner protested and instead shot the ram right in front of the state workers.  Being a rancher he plans to eat the meat.

Neighbors say the family has raised other livestock as well including geese, guinea fowl, turkeys, and snapped pictures when goats get loose in the street.

The owner, who did wish to remain anonymous, says it was a very difficult decision to shoot Rambo but he says he didn't want the state to take his pet.


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