Local business' pet policy boosts moods

Pets are welcomed daily at Mike McKenna's Windward auto dealership.
Pets are welcomed daily at Mike McKenna's Windward auto dealership.
Mike McKenna's Windward auto dealership
Mike McKenna's Windward auto dealership

By Mark Carpenter

As part of Take Your Dog To Work Day, canine owners all over Oahu we're allowed to bring their best friends to the job site, as long their employer approved it.

Many dog lovers rejoice at the special day, which is celebrating its 12th year in existence. However, at Mike McKenna's Windward auto dealership, pets are allowed daily.

While some feel the four-legged animals could be distracting, it turns out, they are the perfect stress reducer.

"Whenever they need to go out and need to go for a walk. It's perfect timing to go out and just get my eyes away from the computer and we go for a walk and it's stress relieving and it makes you feel really good after you come back," said Michael McKenna, who is constantly accompanied by her half Pomeranian-half poodle, Ipo.

According to the Hawaiian Humane Society, studies show dogs in the workplace increase productivity and creativity, decreases absenteeism and improves co-worker relationships.

"I think every company in Hawaii should consider having a pets at work policy," said Jacque LeBlanc of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

In addition to boosting the morale within the workplace, Mike Mckenna says that dogs on the premises have a great effect on customers as well.

"We've had customers come in and ask for the dogs," said McKenna, who's golden retriever, Hana Boy, is a fixture at the dealership. "They don't ask for a salesman, they ask for a dog."

About eight dogs and one cat were on site.

Fortunately, all of the pets went outside to use the bathroom.

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