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July 4th fireworks shows will happen, but donations still needed

Alex Tiller Alex Tiller
Booklets produced to help raise funds for the fireworks event Booklets produced to help raise funds for the fireworks event
Brook Gramann Brook Gramann
Dianne Glei Dianne Glei

By Brooks Baehr - bio | email

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) – The group Save Kailua Fireworks still needs almost $35,000 to reach its goal of $60,000 and the Independence Day at Maunalua Bay organization is hoping to raise another $15,000 to meet its goal of $65,000, but both organizations said they will host fireworks shows on July 4th.

(There are links at the bottom of this story to web sites with instructions on how to donate to the fireworks display of your choice.)

The fireworks displays in both communities are paid for by donations from area residents and businesses.

"You still need these types of events to generate that community feeling," said Alex Tiller, CEO of Sunetric, one of the many Kailua based companies that donated to support fireworks in Kailua.

"We're kind of the fabric of this side of the island and we need these opportunities to come together and see each other and have some fun," Tiller added.

Beginning Thursday the show in Kailua will have a new funding mechanism. Merchants will begin selling coupon books. They cost $20 apiece and are filled with coupons representing more than $4,400 in savings at Kailua businesses. Proceeds from the coupon books will help pay for the fireworks in Kailua Bay.

"You'll get lots of good deals," said Brook Gramann, the Kailua businesswoman who took over the fundraising effort in Kailua after the Kailua Chamber of Commerce dropped the event a few years ago.

"The first 4th of July parade was in 1949 or 1950 and the fireworks have been going on since then. It's just this great tradition. It's been about 60 years, since before statehood, since before we ever had this first stop light in Kailua we've had the parade and fireworks," Gramann added.

The fireworks show in Hawaii Kai is relatively new. It began in 2008 but has already grown to match the size of the show in Kailua.

Event coordinator Dianne Glei said the $65,000 they hope to raise will pay for a full day of activities including live entertainment, the stage, tents, portable toilets, and security.

"It's celebrating friends, family, and freedom. That's what it's about," Glei said.

Both shows are scheduled to begin July 4 at 8 p.m. and are expected to last close to 20 minutes.

Fireworks for both shows will be launched from barges moored off shore.

For more information about the Kailua fireworks show, how to donate, and where to purchase a coupon book, click the following link.


For more information on the show in Hawaii Kai, click the link below.



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