Dog Whisperer

HONOLULU-(HawaiiNewsNow)-Cesar Millan exhibited an aptitude for dog training while spending time as a child on his grandfather's farm in Mexico. At 21 years of age, he arrived in the U.S. and ultimately started his freelance dog rehabilitation service. The service quickly expanded and included celebrity clients Will and Jada Smith, among others.

Cesar believes regular exercise is essential to maintain your dog's health and stability. He particularly enjoys taking his dogs hiking and rollerblading. While outdoor activities are beneficial for dogs, they can also increase their exposure to fleas and ticks, as well as to parasite-borne diseases like Lyme and heartworm disease. Because of these risks, Cesar recommends regular consultations with a veterinarian about flea and tick control and heartworm disease prevention.

Cesar Millan has received numerous awards recognizing his contributions to the pet industry throughout his career. He's the CEO of Cesar Millan Inc., a nonprofit corporation founded to aid the support, rescue, rehabilitation and placement of abused and abandoned dogs 

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