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Job Link Now Blogs - Do What You Love. Love What You Do!

Beth Busch Beth Busch

It seems like everyone has advice for job seekers these days.  Last night, David Letterman even got into the act.  Here are a few of his interview "don'ts:"

DAVE: "Our writers have been researching this topic for the last few days and have found some additional things that might ruin your chances at a job interview."

-Offering an unsolicited urine sample 
- Show up in coat, tie and underpants. 
- Ask if salary can be paid in caramels. 
- During interview, pull out a Subway Foot-long meatball hoagie. 
- When asked about prior salary, saying "Waaaay more than you make!" 
- Prefacing every sentence with, "This may be the booze talking" 
- Say "I'm here to pull your company out of the toilet." 
- Grabbing interviewer by the collar and screaming, "Who sent you?" 
- Walking through the office and mentioning which staffers you would fire 
- Administering a headlock, half-nelson, or almost any other wrestling hold 
- Under references, list "Mommy." 
- Arriving for the interview in a giant egg

In the "tough economic times," more than interview tips, we probably all need a good laugh.  But what you need most in an interview is an edge.  How do you get that??  Here are some actual tips:
    •    Research the company.  Know about new initiatives, what their stock is doing, who the CEO is, etc.  If you're applying at First Hawaiian Bank, you should know that Gov. Abercrombie just appointed FHB CEO Don Horner to Hawaii's Board of Education.  This speaks to the company's community service values and to their CEO's leadership.  I guarantee a recruiter would appreciate your mentioning this is an interview.
    •    Understand their corporate culture.  You can get a lot of info from social media and by networking with current or former employees.  Are they wild and raucous or staid and buttoned-down?  Not that you want to mimic this behavior in an interview – always start conservatively.  But it will help you with the tone of the interview and any future interviews or meetings.
    •    Be yourself.  After all, that's who you're going to be if you get the job.  I think it's easier to be yourself if you're confident and that comes from being well-prepared.  Do a little homework.  You won't regret it!

And, whatever you do, don't arrive in a giant egg.  Unless you're applying to work for Lady Gaga.
What's your weirdest interview experience?  Or tell us the most bizarre thing you've ever been asked.  Share with the class!

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