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Victim's son reacts to shooting spree

Viliami Naupoto Viliami Naupoto
Samson Naupoto Samson Naupoto

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A father of four is listed in serious condition after being struck in the leg by a bullet. Samson Naupoto's son says the 38 year old stopped to help another victim when he was hit.

Viliami Naupoto was at his home in Salt Lake when he heard about the shootings. He was shocked at first, because one was in Aiea, just up the road from his family's house. Little did he know, the tragedy would hit even closer, since his father was one of the victims.

Two holes mark the spots where bullets from a nine millimeter pistol flew into Viliami Naupoto's dad's SUV, and blood stains, serve as a reminder of what could have happened. Naupoto expressed, "This was lucky, cause if the guy, his car was a little bit bigger, my dad would've passed away. I was just shocked. We wouldn't have thought that something would happen to us."

Naupoto's dad, Samson, was driving home from work at around 1:00 a.m. Friday morning, heading home to his wife and four kids. Instead, he became an apparent random victim of suspected gunman, Toby Stangel. One bullet hit the front of Samson's car, but stopped in the engine. The other went into the door and through the console, before lodging itself inside Samson's left hip. Viliami said, "I'm just thankful that my heavenly father watched my dad, helped him out."

But, the 38 year old wasn't the first, nor the last victim of the shooting spree. Bullets flew first in Kaimuki, killing 54 year old Tammy Nguyen. Police say Stangel sped off onto the H1 Freeway, then slammed into the back of Amy Ascuncion's car in Kalihi. Then, the suspect shot her through the back. That's when Samson Naupoto got involved.

His son explained, "He was driving, saw the lady get shot at, tried to help the lady, and he got shot at. The guy just took off."

Viliami says he's not surprised that his dad put himself in harm's way to help Ascuncion: "He would help somebody. He's always helping my family, them." It's a son, in awe of his father's strength and compassion, with an understanding well past his 15 years.

"I think everything happens for a reason. I just want my dad to get better," Viliami said. And he is. Samson Naupoto is now in stable condition at the hospital. Meantime, the North Shore Christian Fellowship is hosting a prayer meeting for the shooter and victims. That'll be Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. at the Historic Haleiwa Gym.

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