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Shooting spree suspect pastor's son

Toby Stangel Toby Stangel
Bob Prasser Bob Prasser
Mike Stangel Mike Stangel

By Tim Sakahara - bio | email

HALEIWA (HawaiiNewsNow) - No motive but plenty of clues from people who knew 28 year old Toby Stangel.  They say despite being raised in a loving church family the young man was troubled.  Those that know him call him troubled and a loner. A friend says Toby abused drugs and was violent.  Others say they've been praying for him for a long time because he was the type of guy that needed prayers. 

Stangel has been in trouble before. He has five misdemeanor convictions, including two DUI's and a criminal property damage case.  But no one predicted a deadly shooting spree.

"Like the rest of the community we're shocked," said Bob Prasser, Stangel Family Spokesperson.

Stangel is a preacher's son.  His dad is Mike Stangel, the official chaplain for the Triple Crown surf contest and also the pastor for the North Shore Christian Fellowship, which has a large congregation of more than 400 people.  The Stangel home has decorations of love and the lord but those that know Toby say he didn't like being the pastor's son and at times rebelled.

"You know how it is, sometimes when it's your dad preaching you want to go someplace else," said Prasser.  "Well you know there's that label you always hear the preachers kids, kids grow up in church and sometimes people think they could be more precocious than others but the fact of the matter is Toby was brought up right."

His parents and sister are at Disneyland with grandkids.  While at the happiest place on Earth they got the news of the crime their son is accused of.

"The family is really concerned, is this physical, is it chemical, what would cause someone to do such a senseless act of violence and then continue it on. We have no idea. Nobody would expect behavior like this unless maybe someone escaped from the mental hospital," said Prasser. "You know if this was a bar fight, or if this was kids clubbing and got into an altercation at least it would make some sense. A group of guys fighting and something went wrong at least you would understand it.  Why these ladies, why one had to die and the others are in critical condition. It just makes no sense."

One victim has passed away.  Tammy Nguyen, 54, was shot in her minivan.  She leaves behind 10 children between the ages of 16 and 37.  The youngest daughter was in the car at the time of the shooting.

The Nguyen family released a statement saying, "We would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. Our mom was the kindest, most selfless person who always put others' worries before her own. We will miss her dearly."

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