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YWCA Woman Leader nominee, Erlinda Rosario

Erlinda Rosario Erlinda Rosario

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - You might call her the queen of mcdonalds in hawaii. Erlinda rosario...was just 17 when she came to hawaii from the philippines in 19-68.

"It was to help my dad bring my family over from the Philippines," said Erlinda Rosario.

And they did, all eight of them. To do that, Rosario worked two jobs, spending nights at the former dole pineapple cannery.

"I did everything as a crew member and a couple of years later, then I got promoted to a crew trainer and after that they just moved thru the career ladder that Mcdonalds had until 1977 when I became a store manager for McDonalds Waipahu.

But her ambitions didn't stop there. Rosario wanted her own Mcdonalds. She hounded the company's president, never taking no for an answer until one day he offered her one in Maui. She jumped it and kept going, never looking back.

Rosario was not only the first female minority Mcdonalds owner in Hawaii. But she now owns more than anyone in the state. She's used her years of financial success to help her family and community. She helped her sister get her doctoral degree and her brother live rent free so he can take care of their parents full time. 

Rosario also consistently donates her valuable time and money to her community and catholic and Filipino charities.

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