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Gov. Abercrombie hosts ceremony at Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - Governor Neil Abercrombie gave the keynote address at the Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery ceremony in Kaneohe on Monday.

"We need to remember, we can not allow ourselves to be detached from history, from what memorial day is all about - -a paralysis of memory, on a contrary, it is dynamic and it is living," Abercrombie said.

The program included a musical prelude by the 11th Army Band from the Hawaii Army National Guard, a majestic Conch Shell opening, a Hawaiian chant and a hula by the New Hope Kailua Dance Team.

"Those in World War II, Korean and Gulf War veterans here. I also want to thank you for paving the way for my generation of veterans. You are my buddies. We may have not served in the same conflict or even the same decade, and maybe the experiences on the ground or in the air, or on the sea weren't really close to being the same, but we all wore the uniform and did our jobs with everything we had," said Tammy Duckworth, Department of Affairs Assistant Secretary.

This year's theme was "Remember and Celebrate."

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