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Beware The Hoofed Destroyers

Sounds dramatic, but 'hoofed destroyers' is an accurate nickname for the axis deer.  The arrival of the herds on the Big Island has wildlife experts predicting major problems for land owners.  And preventing those problems won't be cheap.

Also at ten, an important health alert about 'rat lungworm'.  You won't forget to wash your vegetables after this story.

Have you even seen Kaimana beach without the natatorium?  Tonight's your chance, as Brooks Baehr shows us the options for the crumbling landmark.

And finally, I'm personally not sure we should be running a story about Justin Bieber groping his beautiful girlfriend.  But my producer likes it, and I have to keep him happy or he might start putting curse words in the teleprompter. 

See if 'the Biebs' makes it in the newscast... tonight at ten.





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