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Cool roofs have become the "green" and cool choice for home owners.  By applying a white coating to your roof, it will cool your home's temperature significantly. Most white roof coatings are acrylic like Hydro Top, White Lava or Hawaiian Sun Guard.  These products break down in ponding water and need re-coating every 4 to 5 years.  They stain easily from mildew and dirt, and often need fabric reinforcement.  At Wilkinson Shake Roofing we offer GACO ROOF.  It is a 100% silicone roof coating that can withstand permanent ponding water without ever needing to re-coat.  It is stain and mildew resistant, does not require fabric reinforcing, and has a 50 year warranty! GACO ROOF is the best roof coating we have ever used.  It is perfect for re-coating a stained and worn out acrylic roof or for coating an old roof white. With GACO ROOF your first coat is your last so if you are considering installing Photo Voltaic panels this is your only choice.  GACO ROOF, the last roof coating you will ever need.

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