Hawaii's sex offenders Part 3: Protecting your children

By Ramsay Wharton – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - More than ever people are searching Internet databases, like the Hawaii Sex Offender Registry to see if sex offenders live in their neighborhood.

While that's a good thing experts warn not to get too comfortable.

As parents we need to be looking closer to home within our own circle of family and friends.

About half of the 600 victims who received help here at the sex abuse treatment center, were children. Officials here say the important thing in protecting your child is education. Talking with them, monitoring them, very important part of keeping them safe.

Be especially aware of what's known as "grooming" that's when an offender, who could be in the family, builds up a close relationship with your child, having fun with them.

Then over the course of time tests the waters physically. Slowly desensitizing the child to touch thru things like wrestling or a back message. then when the offender goes further he uses guilt, secrecy and fear to keep the child from talking.

But experts say you give can give your child the power and strength to avoid those situations and to come forward even if it's family member or someone you know.

Talk with them in age appropriate ways about unsafe touches and exposing and viewing private parts in person, in photos or online.

And there are more tools out there too for parents.

You can call the treatment center even get materials online.

Parents can learn more about signs your child may have been abused.

Http://satchawaii.com/toolkit.html  - Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Toolkit

http://satchawaii.com/family_member.html - What to do if you child has been abused by a Family / or Household Member (How to Make A Report)

Http://satchawaii.com/  Hawaii Sex Abuse Treatment Center

www.nsopw.gov <http://www.nsopw.gov> - National Sex Offender Registry / U.S. And Territories

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