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Makakilo couple embroiled in moving company mess

Tim Camimos Tim Camimos
Kerisiano Tuaniga Kerisiano Tuaniga

By Teri Okita – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Makakilo family hasn't seen their household goods since movers packed it all up back on February 2nd. They say they have no idea where their belongings are now.

"We were told that, by them, that the goods would be there within two to three weeks, but no later than the end of the month. We've been waiting ever since," says Robin Tuaniga.

Robin's 25 year old son, Kerisiano, and his wife, Cynthia, moved from Bakersfield, California back to Hawaii more than three months ago. But the couple is still living out of suitcases and sleeping on an air mattress.

Their persistent calls to Pacific Island Logistics and Storage have led to dead-ends. They say the company refuses to communicate with them - so they turned to Hawaii News Now for help.

Kerisiano Tuaniga holds the helmet to a motorcycle he hasn't seen since early February. Despite repeated calls to Pacific Island Logistics, they don't know when their worldly possessions will be delivered.

"They just don't want to tell me where my things are," says 26 year old Cynthia."Then, they told me they can no longer talk to me because I did a Better Business Bureau complaint - that all communications have to be done with them (the BBB), and then, they just hang up."

The Better Business Bureau says that's not so. In fact, it encourages lines of communication between company and customer. A little digging on the BBB website shows Pacific Island Logistics with an "F" rating - meaning, the mover not only has complaints against it, but the moving company has done little to resolve those problems. 31 complaints have been lodged against the mover this year alone.

"Allegations from consumers allege that the company has not delivered on promises, has not delivered their goods - basically, has not provided the services that were promised to them. Because of that, they're not meeting our standards for trust," explains Tim Camimos of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii.

The BBB of California recently revoked Pacific Island Logistics accreditation. The Department of Transportation has also received consumer complaints against the mover - 18 of them in 2011.

The Tuanigas are at a loss for why their goods haven't been delivered. Robin Tuaniga says she charged the entire amount - about $1800 - on her card, and it went through back in February. "I already paid, in full, as far as I know. They haven't told us otherwise because everytime we get on the phone to ask them where the household goods and the motorcycle is, they won't talk to us."

Kerisiano Tuaniga adds, "They told us to stop harassing them, and we're like, ‘What?' They used that word, ‘harass', and I'm like, ‘It's our stuff'. How is that harassing?"

After numerous calls to the Van Nuys-based company, we finally made contact with the owner, listed as "Tom Kay" on the BBB website. He claimed Hawaii News Now was harassing them, too, by calling his phone and asking for a comment or statement. He hung up before we could get any answers.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Tuanigas said the company called them and told them all their belongings would be auctioned off because they contacted the media. They say they were also told that, if they tried to get the payment on their card reversed - again, their things would be auctioned off.

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