History and Success of Bekin Cabinets

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Bekin Cabinets has been in business for only three years, but is already "one of the fastest-growing companies in this industry in Honolulu," says designer Josh Chen.

Much of the company's success can be attributed to Chen's commitment to quality and a genuine care for his customers. "What we are doing is for a better long-term value for our customers," he says. To ensure this value, Bekin uses only solid wood from the Mainland and Canada for their cabinets and avoids old forms of particleboard and pressed wood.

Bekin's European-style, frameless cabinets are constructed to eliminate space between cabinet doors, between the cabinet and the wall and underneath the cabinets, where dust often accumulates. After visiting his showroom, Chen encourages customers to "visit other shops, so they can see the difference between our cabinets and others."

Bekin also sells countertops and appliances for a one-stop shopping experience. Once customers have picked out their fixtures from the showroom, Chen uses AutoCAD software to give customers a virtual representation of their potential new kitchen.

The customers appreciate it. "One thing I got excited about is we have more and more contractors, homeowners and realtors coming in," Chen says. "The majority of them come from referrals. It means that we have been doing a good job."