Governor Abercrombie signs 8 more bills into law

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A number of bills that have already sailed through the State House and Senate are now law.

Governor Abercrombie signed off on eight more measures Friday. One of those bills will take the money still left from the defunct Van Cam program, and transfer it to the state's general fund. That's no small figure, since there's still $3.4 million left over!

The following are among the bills Abercrombie signed into law: House Bill 383, which "extends the life of the oversight commission on the federal economic stimulus program funds to ensure transparency." That deadline is extended from this June to the end of December. HB 1015 sends federal funding to Department of Hawaiian Homelands for brownfields cleanup in Kapolei. The final House Bill passed is 1035. That new law suspends enhancing benefits from the Employees' Retirement System, until the system is 100 percent funded.

Senate Bill 1293 sends emergency funds to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), which helps eligible adults with dependent children. Governor Abercrombie also signed SB 1260 into law, which lets the state use its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money for tax exempt bonds and tax credit bonds. Another is SB 1318, which "eliminates redundant language on the tax exemption for stevedoring." Number 1301 makes exemptions from Hawaii's Fair Housing laws, consistent with similar federal exemptions in the Fair Housing Act.

Abercrombie has until July 12, 2011 to sign any measures passed by the Chambers into law.

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