Registration Drive

A two-month drive to get more people to vote in Hawaii got underway this week. What might actually be sadder than the fact that only 61% of eligible voters even bother to register in Hawaii is the fact that, come election time, only about 40% of those who are registered actually go and vote bi-annually. And since 40% of 61% equals a quarter of the eligible voters statewide, you can see that a lot of people simply aren't getting involved in one of the keys components to democracy- electing leaders by exercising your right to vote. Ask the folks in certain parts of the Middle East or Africa if having the freedom and safety to vote as you please is something that should be taken for granted or ignored. O'ahu is last in voting percentages statewide, much worse than the Neighbor Islands.

Now you may claim apathy or lack of quality choices or a state severely lacking in a strong two-party system as your rationale, but making no choices through avoidance is certainly no way to start turning things around or fomenting change. Granted, there are far too many races where the incumbent runs unopposed, or the opposition candidate has little credibility or experience, but again, that's not a reason to stay away from your voting responsibility in toto.

So now would be a good time for all non-registered citizens, young and old, born here or naturalized, to head over to the special registration locations at shopping malls and at fire stations throughout O'ahu, where registration is by far the lowest of all islands. Please do it because it is the right thing to do, and don't just think about it…